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ZeC's reapply Empty ZeC's reapply

Post by ZeC_ on Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:43 pm

What's your real Name?: Yanir

How old are you?:16

Gender?: Male

Where are you from?: Israel

How can we contact you?: skype (dark.laser2) mumble.

Languages that you speak or understand?: Hebrew, English, Arabic.

Tell us something about yourself / your life?: i iz nw to a.d i promis i iz vry gud Smile)))))))) Cool i iz liek vry mach pitsa Smile))))) i swer XDDDDDDDDDD sw4g 4 lyf m8 illuminati confirmed MLG
like pizza xD

What are your plans for the future?: juin ze illumenati and sex
Why would you like to join 44?: niqqa iz ju stupeid? i seid i iz pru m888888
What reasons would make you leave the clan?: if ju no supurt limunati
Why do you think we should accept you?: pru

Has anybody invited you?:
Can you make videos/logos/websites?:
YouTube channel link?:
How did you hear about us?: Zephy told me
What's the full name of 44?: Frosty Forest

In-game name?: ZeC_
Previous usernames?: PedroX/Syntax/BlackZ/ZeC
Your previous clans?: [XL]
Why have you left them?: No tcws
Clan you Applyed and got Denied / Kicked from?:
Do you have a microphone (Needed)?: yup
Do you have Mumble (Needed)?:Sure man
Servers you usually play on?: lsgw,your a/d server
Average FPS?: i have 300 but on lag shot i using 100
Average ping on EU host servers?:100-200
How many hours you play daily?: 2-4
How long have you been playing SA:MP?: 2012
Servers you got admin on?: I made one sometime.
Can you play on AC (Anti-Cheat)?:Yes

Crady, i really trained in lag shot, u can test me evrytime u want

Very Happy


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